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A Trailhead Is Just A Beginning

Please don’t misunderstand this post from the graphic above. I’m not here to vilify The Hippopotamus. Hippos are fantastic. I love Hippos. In fact, I’d like a hippopotamus for Christmas. (Is the song in your head now? You’re welcome!). It’s… Continue Reading →

The Fine Print

I’m hoping you’re reading this blog of your own free will. If not, you’ve got bigger problems than this little disclaimer post can help you with! We certainly aren’t forcing you to try any of this at home. Although we… Continue Reading →

How To Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy This Halloween

Halloween and July 4th are my favorite days of the year! However, both can be the most dangerous and terrifying days of the year for your dog. That sounds like an exaggeration – especially if you have one of those… Continue Reading →

Dog 101 – The 3 Basic Secrets All Dog Trainers Should Know

Welcome to blog post # 1! I feel like we need to break a bottle of champagne over the computer…but then again, that sounds expensive… You’re probably here because you googled “my dog is making me crazy”, or “what the… Continue Reading →

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