I’m hoping you’re reading this blog of your own free will. If not, you’ve got bigger problems than this little disclaimer post can help you with! We certainly aren’t forcing you to try any of this at home. Although we might try to convince you to bury your choke collars…but that’s a different post. We’re here to talk about the fine print – the disclaimers – the things we think you should know about our motivations (or lack of motivation some days!).

The intent of this site is to provide you with our opinions and maybe a different perspective on dog behavior and training. We will probably give you TMI about our typical Dog Trainer’s Life (#SorryNotSorry), but we hope you find some entertainment here. There really are many different ways to see every situation, including dog training, and everyone has opinions. The cookie cutter approach (everything is the same for everyone) really doesn’t work in dog training (or in Life). Please remember that the information presented here is based on my opinions, experience, and literature reviews. I’ll also bring in guest bloggers who have their own opinions on different topics.

Sharing Our Content?

If you have a Dog Trainer’s Life and would like to share our content with your students / clients, please do! We only ask that you let us know. Your feedback helps us figure out what content is most useful for you, and that helps us build a better blog! If you’d like to link to us from your site, please do! Again, we ask that you let us know. If you are linking to us, there is a good chance that our readers would be interested in what you have to offer. We can help our readers find you!

Comments? Yes, please!

We love to hear your take on our posts – either by commenting directly or by sending us an email. Did we miss a point our readers should be aware of? Have you had a different experience with a specific product? Do you completely disagree? Let us know! While I reserve the right to remove comments that I feel do not add to the discussion, I will not remove a dissenting opinion as long as the conversation remains respectful. If you wouldn’t be that rude in person, why would you be that rude here where the whole world is watching? All Trolls get booted – no questions asked. I want this to be a safe place, and I intend to keep it that way. So there!

Who Pays Us For Our Product Reviews?

If you’ve wandered around here a bit or have interacted with me on social media, you’ve noticed a few things:

As simple as that. At this time, the website you are wandering through has no affiliate programs, no advertising links, and all of the products used for reviews are things that I have purchased for my own use. Any of our friends who have provided their thoughts, videos, and images have purchased the products themselves – at full price – from me, or from another source.

Maybe one day multiple companies will send us daily avalanches of products just begging for our thoughts. And maybe one day you’ll purchase all of your favorite goodies by using our unannoying and properly placed affiliate or advertising links…maybe…

In the meantime, we receive no compensation, perks, or cookies for our thoughts. And if this ever changes, we’ll clearly state the details so you have the transparency you deserve.

We’ve tried to cover it all here, but if we’ve missed something, leave us a comment below or send us an email. Remember – we LOVE to hear from you!

As always – Thank you for supporting us!

Dawn @ADTsL